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We are an engineering-driven, the 1st ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 Certified importer and distributor of pipeline systems, tiles and sanitary ware in Sri Lanka and cater to both commercial, residential and infrastructure projects. Cutting-edge and highly durable brands of porcelain tiles and slabs, pipeline systems, adhesives, water proofing material and epoxy flooring supplement our product portfolio and sustainable business practices form the core of our culture.

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To become the most innovative, creative & sustainable solution provider for all building requirements.


To deliver true value which exceeds the customer requirements in collaboration with the industry professional for sustainable built environment.

Since 2003

Providing excellent service for the past 20 years and seeking continuous improvements to be the No. 01 choice for the products and services that we offer to our clients.

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified Company

One and Only ISO 9001 & 14001 Certified company in Sri Lanka



Product & Services

"Where The Worlds' Best Products & Brands Meet Sri Lanka's Aspiration"


True Value offers the total package that addresses the aesthetic and performance requirements of Engineers, Designers, Architects and homeowners. The brands of porcelain tiles and slabs we offer are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and combine the best of aesthetics, unique sizes and functionality. All of these indoor and outdoor tiles combine the features of high breaking strengths & resistance to stain, abrasion & chemicals conforming to ISO 13006/EN14411 product standards and ISO 10545 testing standards.

GRP Open Trench & Jacking Pipes

  • EN 1796 for Water/ EN 14364 Waste water & sewer.
  • ISO 10639 for Water/ ISO 10467 Waste water & sewer.
  • AWWA C950 Pressure Pipes /AWWA M45 Fiber Glass Pipe design.
  • ASTM D 3517 Pressure Water Pipe
  • ASTM D3262 for NON Pressure waste Water /ASTM D3754 for Waste Water Pressure Pipe.


Established in 1958, Haima Carpets are used in more than 1000 five star hotels, international airports such as Changi, KL,Beijing...etc by the professionals all over the world. Haima group manufacturers all types of carpets for Hospitality, Commercial, Cruise line & Aircraft in accordance to the international standards

Epoxy Flooring

  • Special Features: Solvent free
  • Compliances: ISO 1504
  • Applications: Carparks, Industrial floors, Food processing plants, Water & Waste Tanks etc.
  • Epoxy based Enamels & Topcoats on metal and concrete surfaces against the atmospheric and chemical corrosion.

Pipes & Fittings - PE/PP/UPVC

  • EN 12201 - Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for pressure piping system for water & Waste Water projects
  • EN 13598 GRP & PE Manholes

Manhole Covers

We offer only the best of their type and are of standards such as EN 124, ISO / EEC 4064 and BS 4504 to ensure high performance, water tight, anti theft ,reliability and durability.

Vitrified Clay Open Trench & Jacking Pipes

  • Produced from fine clay & fired to verification state to last over life time.
  • Compliance: EN295-1

Construction Chemicals

  • Tile Installation
  • Waterproofing Application
  • Flooring Solution

Why Us

True Value Green has always been at the forefront of Technical Products. Thanks to the updated technology, True Value Green opens up new perspectives in the field of major projects, both for residential and commercial, and reaffirms a brand of absolute value.

2 Decades of Excellent Service

Trusted partner for nearly 2 decades with industry professionals & end customers due our excellent services and the unique range of products that we offer.

Environmental Friendly Products

All our products vied with the highest social and environmental performance standards, and after a long and scrupulous verification process conducted by both locally & Internationally such as Ceylon Institute of Builders Green Mark, Green Guard, EPD, ISO 14001 etc.

Professional Technical Services

We have the capacity to undertake installation works with our experienced & qualified professional teams.

  • Tile Installation
  • Epoxy Application
  • Carpet Laying



Project Experiences

  • All
  • Landmark
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Apartment
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Banks
  • Water & Waste Water
  • Installations


Clearpoint - World Tallest Vertical Garden


Benthota Beach Hotel


Lotus Tower – Shouth Asia’s Tallest Tower


Razavi Medical Complex


Intercontinental Colombo


KDU Teaching Hospital – 100,000 sqm


Asiri Hospital - Kandy


Iconic Tower


Navy Hospital

Epoxy Installation

  • Asiri Hospitals Car Park at Kandy 9,000sqm
  • Ambewela Farms (Ongoing) : 4,000sqm


Sherton Hotel

Commercial Building

The Orion City Tower


Dynasty Residence



Tile Installation

  • Clearpoint Residencies : 45,000sqm
  • Benthota Beach By Cinnamon : 35,000sqm
  • BOC Tower Renovation
  • HSBC Co-operate Office : 6,000sqm
  • People’s Leasing : 15,000sqm
  • Maga Head Office

Commercial Buildings

Maga Head office


Nilaveli Beach Condos by ICC

Water & Waste Water

Tangalle Water Supply Project

Water & Waste Water

Rathmalana & Ja-Ela Waste Water Collection & Treatment Project


Peoples Leasing Head Office and Branches

Carpet Installation

  • Ballroom at Benthota Beach
  • Zmax by Fairway : 8,000sqm
  • Water’s Edge Renovation : 3,000sqm

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions and answers we get asked daily.!

  • How Large Can Commercial Tiles Be?

    To be considered as a large-format tile, it has to have an edge greater than 15 inches. Commonly, 36 by 18 tiles are used not only for floors but also for walls (Houzz, 2016).

  • When it comes to tiles, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles appear more often, than not, together or against each other. Sometimes, they are even interchanged as if they were the same as one another. There is even this unspoken debate about which one is better than the other.

  • Glazed tiles have rich color patterns, many specifications, easy cleaning, large selection space, and are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Various patterns and patterns can be made on the surface of glazed tiles, which are richer in colors and patterns than polished tiles.

    • Ceramic Tiles
    • Arguably one of the most versatile types of tile, the ceramic tile has been chosen by many homeowners because of its durability and ability to withstand foot traffic and moisture as well as affordability. It’s perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, and even the front entrance.
    • Porcelain Tiles
    • The more durable cousin of the ceramic tiles, the porcelain tiles are available in a wide array of patterns and colors. Though often more expensive than their cousin, they are one of the prime choices because it can look like anything the imagination can dish out. However, it’s not advisable for DIY projects and needs a professional’s touch to place them.
    • Glass Tiles
    • The more glamorous choice, the glass tile holds, out of the four types of tiles, the highest level of stain resistance and can withstand the wreckage of red wine stains and even the acid from lemon juice. One of the downsides to this tile is that it’s not as strong as other tiles so it chips easily. This makes it perfect for wall placements, away from any falls.
    • Natural Stone Tiles
    • Natural stone tiles are, as just what the name suggests, made from natural stones like marble and granite. These two are one of the common but expensive choices to use in order to uplift and really amp up any room they’re placed in. Luxury is the keyword here.



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