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ProductsPipeline systems

Functional, high quality & durable

a) The brand of high quality and durability pipeline systems we offer fully comply with the following standards:

  • EN 12201 - Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for pressure piping system for water supply - sizes 20 mm to 1000 mm
  • EN 13244 - Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for pressure piping system for drainage and sewerage - sizes 20 mm to 1000 mm
  • EN 13476 - Corrugated Polyethylene (PE) Pipes for non pressure piping system for sewerage and drainage - sizes 165 mm to 1200 mm Polyethylene Manholes

b) The brands of castings and water meters we offer only the best of their type and are of standards such as EN 124, ISO / EEC 4064 and BS 4504 to ensure high performance, reliability and durability.

System Group

“System Group” was created in a small town inland of Pesaro as a result of an idea by entrepreneur Alvaro Boscarini who, in 1979, had founded Centraltubi. The group was formed at the start of the 1990’s when, after 12 years as a leader in the production of polyethylene pipes, Centraltubi was joined by Futura, a company operating in the pipe fittings, accessories and specials market.

These were to be the first steps on the road to success which, in the following years, saw the birth of five other important businesses: Sa.Mi Plastic in the smooth polyethylene pipe sector, Pebo in plastics machining, Italiana Corrugati producing corrugated polyethylene pipes, Rototec in the rotational moulding sector and Mecsystem, the group’s engineering department.


COFUNCO was created in 1992 to commercialise the products manufactured by FUNOSA -FUNDICIONES DE ODENA, S.A., destined to the construction and civil engineering market: Covers and manholes, gratings and grids, etc. in ductile or grey cast iron, with the purpose of allowing the service to the managers of networks (water, electricity, telecommunications).