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The middle and upper segment of products in the product range of furniture makes things easier for the consumers. We offer quality products for affordable prices and help the consumers to decorate their offices with minimum amounts according to their budget.

Pioneer of the Office Furniture sector Bürotime, the leading company of the sector with its experienced, specialized, qualified staff, modern service concept and vision which is not limited by Türkiye, is the largest office furniture producer of Türkiye.

Lead Office furniture and Office Chair brand Bürotime, which was established in Konya Organized Industrial Zone in 2000 as a result of Tosunoğulları A.Ş.’s experience from 1980 to date, is the leading brand of modular office furniture today owing to its functional designs and supreme quality.

Bürotime, which provides the most creative and innovative solutions for the individual and collective work areas, aims to design today the offices of the future, owing to its global vision, initiative spirit and dynamism.

Bürotime, which is frequently spoken about in the international arena owing to the products which are not only sold throughout Türkiye, but also exported worldwide, is proud and happy to be “The National Brand of Türkiye”.

With its never-ending energy and its determination for applying the correct strategies, Bürotime, which had realized the long-term targets in a very short time such as 14 years and achieved being the leader of the sector, is aware of the fact that remaining on top is harder than reaching top and acts accordingly in all the areas of its operations knowing this


We’re always on the lookout for fresh, Innovative, self confidence and exciting talented people to get a career with True Value Products (Pvt) Ltd. If you think you could play a valuable role with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Unlike many other seating manufacturers who only responsible for assembly of most seating components outsourced to other suppliers, 99% of our products are well tooled in our own full range workshops upon raw materials arrive in our facilities and tested in our industry-exclusive testing room.

In what aspects we are different from other seating manufacturers:

Three manufacturing facilities with total area of 120,000 square meters, 99% of products are well-tooled in our full range of workshops.

Strong production capacity: 1,000,000 seats per year with 10% -- 20% annual raising speed guarantees high flexibility of last-minute order and impressive delivery time.

Unparalleled custom design capability - strong engineer team of 22 people

Industry-exclusive testing room with a complete set of testing equipments guarantees higher standard of product quality and safety.

Over 850 professional employees: Each department works in the most effective way in helping customers during project implementation. Well-trained and skilled workers exert every detail over production process.

Full package custom project management service:taking care of all your needs every step of the way, including custom tailoring, seating layout setup, production/quality control, to-door delivery, on site installation support, etc.

Best combination of value and quality seating products: Advanced machineries and techniques ensure you get the best we offer.

What you need for a space different and better than any others, we deliver.

Leadcom Seating products enjoy high reputation among our customers all round the world with their high performance, ergonomic design, exceptional comfort and incredible durability. This is what sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our customers coming back.

While we lead the way in this field by offering so much more than just the best-in-class seating solutions, our service to worldwide customers goes much deeper and further. From the first minute you call for or email your seating requirements to the last minute you have your seating installed perfectly, Leadcom Seating always stands behind you and supports you every step of the way.

Everything we offer helps to lower your cost, improve quality and guarantee project smooth implementation - giving you peace of mind and assurance. And because we are an independent manufacturer, your seating orders are managed from top to bottom – with nothing in between to hinder your project progress.

More than 10,000 customers around the world trust Leadcom Seating to guarantee their business success. Do you?