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As a result of the cooperate recognition that we have gained in the industry, we have yet taken another step ahead to provide our clients with the total flooring solution for the Real Estate Sector & the Construction industry thereby ensuring that the customers do served with the high quality carpet products manufactured by our world renowned principals M/s. HaimaGroup Corp., of China. Their products have been used around the globe for world renowned projects such as Armani Hotel in Burj Al Kalifa of Dubai, Singapore Airports, Malaysian Airports etc. Their products fully comply with BS-EN and US standards.


Established in 1958, Haima Carpet Corporation (formerly Weihai No.1 Carpet Factory) is a national leading carpet manufacturer specialized in manufacturing, trading, scientific research & development.

Haima Group Corporation is consist of 6 subsidiaries (Haima Carpet Co., Ltd, Haima Nylon Co., Ltd, Haima Wool Spinning Co., Ltd, Haima Taiga Carpet Co., Ltd, Haima Dahua Carpet Co., Ltd, and Couristan / China Carpet Co., Ltd), 1 scientific research & development institution(Weihai Carpet Research Institution)and over 10 affiliated companies. Haima Group Corp is always striving to be perfect in every chain of the carpet industry.

Haima Group Corporation introduced over 200 advanced carpet manufacturing equipments from Britain, USA, Belgium, etc. Its annual productivity reaches 10 million m2 of Axminster, wire Wilton woven, Wilton, carpet tile, printed, piece-dye tufted and hand-knitted carpets; and over 10 thousand tons of nylon, polypropylene filament yarn and terylene filament yarn.